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Corporate Wellness Coaching

One on One Coaching services for your Executive Members or Employees.

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Description du service

A corporate wellness coach is a professional who is brought into a corporate or office environment to help employees maintain and improve their health and wellness goals. Unlike a nutritionist or athletic coach, who would assign a specific eating and exercise plan, a wellness coach focuses on advising and helping a client make better choices based on the client’s lifestyle. Employers may bring in a wellness coach for many reasons, but a primary motive is to improve the health of its employees. This can not only decrease health care costs and reduce absenteeism, but it can also contribute positively to performance, productivity and employee engagement. A few goals for an employee working with a wellness coach: Lose and/or maintain a healthy weight Learn about disease prevention and curb unhealthy habits Reduce stress and anxiety in all areas of life Promote a better work-life balance

Politique d'annulation

Please provide our office a 24-hour notice in the event that you need to reschedule your appointment. This will allow us the opportunity to provide care to another patient. A message can always be left to avoid a cancellation fee being charged. A “No-Show”, “No-Call” or missed appointment, without proper 24-hour notification will result in a charge equal to 100% of the reserved service amount. If you are 15 or more minutes late for your appointment, the appointment may be cancelled and rescheduled. As a courtesy, we make reminder calls/ Emails, for appointments, one to two days in advance. Please note, if a reminder call or message is not received, the cancellation policy remains in effect


  • 10X Nora Oliver LLC, Mishawum Road, Woburn, MA, USA


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